Frequently Asked Questions

Are we organic?

All of our produce is organically grown. That means we buy organic seeds and practice organic growing procedures. We are working towards becoming Certified-Organic in 2016. Learn more HERE.

Why do you use greenhouses?

We have built a series of greenhouses that allow us to grow produce year around in a controlled, ideal growing environment. Our greenhouses give us the capability to provide a wide selection of produce as well as seasonal options throughout the year.

How to Join?

Simply click here. You will be prompted to fill out your contact information, select your basket size, delivery frequency, and pick-up location. If our club is full, you’ll be prompted to fill out your information and be put on a waiting list.

What are my delivery options?

We will have several pick-up locations in the West Lafayette/Lafayette community for your convenience. Depending on your location, you may be eligible to have your produce directly delivered to your house. Direct delivery will depend on our routes and the number of people located nearby who also ordered Freedom Foods Baskets.

What’s in a Basket?

We have three basket options available. Depending on your selection, you will find a variety of fresh produce, seasonal produce, and at times, a special seasonal/holiday addition. To see more details about our basket options see here.

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