3 Keys to Healthy Living!

  1. Eating Right is one of the most important things you can do. The kinds of food you eat really does matter. It is what supports your body throughout the day and provides the nutrition that you need to perform your tasks. The better food you eat, the better your body will be able to function and perform.
  2. Excercise keeps your body strong and healthy. Find something you enjoy and strengthen your body! Did you know that a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat? Increase your metabolism with excercise.
  3. Nutritional Supplements help when life gets busy. Fill your nutritional gaps with a great nutritional supplement. This is something I have grown to depending on as a busy mom of a 1 and 2 year old. My personal favorite is Advocare. I have lost 50 pounds after having my children close, thanks to these three bullet lifestyle changes I have made.

My Nutritional Supplement RoutineAdvocare Store

I drink Spark every morning for energy and focus, it also gets me going early to work out. Catalyst, another of my favorites helped me tone up, maintain muscle and is great for post exercise muscle repair and recovery.

AdvoCare, used by elite athletes like Drew Brees and with years of medical research behind them has helped people like you and me have energy, weight loss, joint health, sports nutrition, beautiful skin and help us look, feel and perform better. I would be happy to help find a customized program for you.


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