August 16, 2016

Planning Ahead for Winter

In another month, the bulk of summer’s harvest will be drawing to a close. But that doesn’t mean the work will stop around the farm! Ryan […]
July 24, 2016

A Day With The Freedom Foods Team

Seven o’clock on the farm finds Ryan already hard at work. The sun is beaming its morning warmth and the dew is still on the grass […]
June 28, 2016
When buying from Freedom Foods, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that the spinach on your salad plate was in the field just a few hours ago.

Fresh Matters

One benefit of buying local produce is the rapid transition from field to table. This fast turn-around maximizes the amount of nutrients available to the customer, […]
May 17, 2016
Adrienne and Kimberly join us at our Freedom Foods first Farmer's Market

Our First Farmer’s Market

The air was crisp, the sky was dark but clear, and a full moon shone brightly. It was four o’clock on a Saturday morning and Ryan […]
April 22, 2016

Greenhouse Growing Miracle: Tomatoes in April

After over a year of hard work to plan and build the big Freedom Foods greenhouse, and then more time to figure out how develop the […]
March 22, 2016

Lettuce Salad with French Dressing and Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Are you needing some new ideas on how to eat fresh Freedom lettuce? Try out this combination of salty sunflower seeds and tangy french dressing! It […]
February 12, 2016

Edible Flowers Coming Soon to Freedom!

Are you ready for a culinary adventure? This summer, we will be offering a variety of edible flowers to spice up your menu and provide you […]
January 7, 2016

It’s Always Spring in the Greenhouse

One of our favorite places on the farm is the propagation greenhouse. It’s a small structure, no bigger than a one-car garage, but its role is […]
July 8, 2015

Grilled Zucchini/ Yellow Summer Squash

Hands down, this is one of the best ways to eat fresh zucchini and summer squash. It’s wonderful grilled, garlicky flavor pairs well with steak and […]