Planning Ahead for Winter

In another month, the bulk of summer’s harvest will be drawing to a close. But that doesn’t mean the work will stop around the farm! Ryan and the employees are already hard at work, planning and preparing for our winter greenhouse crops. 
There is a lot of planning that must be done to run a successful farm. Since everything has a growth period ranging from 30 to 150 days until harvest, next steps must be thought of well in advance. Winter-time crops are especially tricky, especially those such as tomatoes and peppers. 
Generally speaking, the plants for the winter crop need to be started in mid-summer when the weather conditions are ideal. This gives them time to become established before the days become shorter and the air cooler because the plants tend grow slower during the winter, even in spite of a temperature regulated greenhouse.
That is why you can find Ryan pouring over seed catalogs in June and some of the other employees seeding tomatoes in the greenhouses in July. In a few months, when the fields are barren and frost nips the ground, these seeds will have grown into beautiful green plants, laden with fruit under the protective cover of our winter greenhouses.