Snapshots of Freedom in November

Want to see how we grow heads of lettuce this beautiful even in November? Scroll down to see a sneak-peak at the inside of our operation.


At this time of year, a view of our farm from afar makes it look like everything has died down for the year. But inside the greenhouses, everything comes alive…


Our new hydroponic systems provide a way to grow lettuce efficiently in the winter. Water and nutrients run through the tubes, allowing the lettuce to use all the resources it needs to mature into healthy heads. Check this previous post out for more information on hydroponics if you are interested.


In this up-close shot, you can see how the root ball of the lettuce grows inside the tube while the leaves are able to stick out.

Where can you get fresh farm-to-table tomatoes in November? At Freedom, of course! We have some growing in our regular, non-hydroponic greenhouse. In an earlier post, I talked about how we are able to accomplish this challenge.

Sometimes life is all about taking time to stop and admire the roses. In our case, however, we stop and admire the simple details of a tomato blossom. 🙂  

We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our greenhouses. Be sure to stop by next month for another Freedom Foods update–and until then, Merry Christmas!